Chronicles of a Dental Injury


You lift your head up off the concrete. You’re OK – but there are a few pieces of your teeth lying on the ground. You want to be angry at your girlfriend’s toy dog for tripping you up, but secretly you love that pooch– though none of your buddies can ever know. So you pick up the leash and the departed teeth and head for home. After the initial fussing over how horrible the injury looks in the mirror, you get yourself a glass of water and sit down to call your dentist.

Except they can’t take you in for another two days – so you call another. They don’t seem to care how you want the repairs to look; they’re in charge. So you begin searching online for Boston dentists who can see you immediately and are highly respected by their patient base. After a few minutes you come across Dental Health and Wellness. Not only has Dr. Jill Smith received high praise from her patients, but there are real stories of past procedures right on the web site. You find a story about Dana, a guy who has banged up his teeth, just like you.

You click on the story:


In February 2011, Dr. Smith came to my rescue when I had a nasty fall that broke the bonding on my front teeth and cracked several teeth. I called into the office first thing the next morning (my accident had happened on a Sunday), and I was in the dentist chair by 10am. It was amazing – Dr. Smith and her team not only repaired the damage to my teeth but with cosmetic dentistry procedures including crowns, veneers and tooth whitening, they gave me the best smile of my life.

Read the rest of Dana’s story: Dana – Real Stories

After reading this and deciding that this is the place for you, you pick up the phone and call the State Street Office. To your surprise, Dr. Smith can see you later that day! You hang up the phone in triumph and look at your tiny dog, sitting at the door and not caring about why the usual walk had been cut short, just what you’re going to do to make it right.

You look at your watch – still a couple hours until your appointment. With a sigh you grab the leash and head on out again, making sure your cat-sized friend doesn’t get tangled in your feet again.

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