Cosmetic Dentistry for the Skeptical Groom

Nervous Groom

If You Stopped Reading After *Cosmetic*: Read On


So you’re a guy.  Check.

You’re getting married this spring. Check.

Stay away from that open window! – you’re not going to get cold feet now, when you’re so close to marrying the person you bought a ring and got down on one knee for. She’s going through her own set of doubts right now, but it’s all part of the pre-wedding experience.

Now, if you’re nervous about legitimate things like, “Will my groomsmen stage a ridiculous dance party as they walk down the aisle?” or “What will my smile look like in the wedding pictures?” – you should probably spur into action. While Dental Health and Wellness Boston can’t help you with your groomsmen’s penchant for dancing, Dr. Jill Smith and her staff can definitely get your smile ready for the long-awaited day.

With our extensive range of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, your smile will stand up to your bride’s wedding-day glow. Does the word “cosmetic” make you a little queasy? Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of what Dr. Smith can do to make your smile ship-shape.

Veneers – If some teeth are misshapen or broken, we can correct the problem.

Tooth Reshaping – We’ll buff out the imperfections to make your teeth smooth and shiny.

Invisalign – Braces, but less visible.

BriteSmile Tooth Whitening – This is big league whitening, with immediate results.

Learn about the rest of our procedures, and check out Wedding Ready Smile – a complete guide to dentistry for weddings. Schedule a free consultation to get things started.

On your big day, worry about your best man’s toast after a few glasses of champagne – not your smile.

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