Tooth Whitening: A Step Towards Wedding Success

Wedding Tooth Whitening

Whether you’re going to a wedding, are in a wedding or are having your own wedding this summer – there are certain things that cannot be overlooked when getting ready for the event.

With all the effort you’re putting into planning your attire and worrying about who will be there, why ignore the fact that your smile is not as bright as it could be? If you’re the bride or groom, it’s a sure thing that a lot of people are going to be staring at you for the duration of the wedding. If you are a bridesmaid or groomsman, don’t be the one who fails the whiteness line-up with your counterparts. If you are simply attending the wedding, who’s going to notice you if everyone else’s smiles are so much more vibrant-looking?

Even if the wedding is coming up right around the corner! There is plenty of time to illuminate your smile. Over-the-counter whitening products take too long, and have lukewarm results. What you need is a professional, next-level whitening that gives you timely and drastic results.

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, Dr. Jill Smith and her staff can give you a smile that will be the talk of the wedding. This is achieved using a process called KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™. The first patient we tried this product on had such great results that the staff couldn’t help by say “WOW!” From that day forward, we have referred to the KöR whitening process as “WOW White”. Dr. Smith is one of the only Boston dentiststo offer this service, and one of the most experienced at it.

By restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, the KöR whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stain molecules. There are three levels of whitening with this system, Standard, Max and Max Ultra. The process for the standard treatment will begin with your first visit to our dental office, we will make molds of your teeth to create unique, comfortable, custom whitening trays.

On your second appointment, we will have a priming visit to make the teeth ready to whiten.  You will receive your custom trays, KöR whitening gel and we will carefully explain how to use the trays at home for the following two weeks. KöR whitening trays are easy to wear and since you only need to have them in when you sleep, they won’t interfere with your busy day. Plus, the bleach is sealed inside the tray, preventing any gel from leaking into your mouth like other at-home systems.

Finally, a third visit to the office includes an hour and a half in-office procedure. To discuss the additional steps for the super whitening of Max and Max Ultra, contact Dental Health and Wellness Boston. Become a new patient now to get the ball rolling!

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