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Gold Medal Smiles

Published on August 8, 2012 By Dr. Jill Smith

Dental care is very important no matter who you are… from the smallest grade school students to the most highly-trained athletes on the planet. That’s why Paul Warren, head of Proctor & Gamble Co., which owns the Oral-B company, is contributing dental products to a special clinic in Olympic Village, London. The clinic is manned […]

Health and Beauty from Natural Sources

Published on October 5, 2011 By Dr. Jill Smith

At our Boston dental practice, Dental Health and Wellness Boston remains focused on a whole body approach to wellness, from proper oral care to beauty products that promote health and well-being. In addition to offering a variety of herbal products from Dental Herb Company for purchase to our patients including toothpastes, mouth rinses and breath […]

Ageless Beauty with the Age Defying Dentalift and Cosmetic Dentistry

Published on March 14, 2011 By Dr. Jill Smith

Look younger…with better teeth? It’s true, cosmetic dentistry from your favorite Boston dentist Dr. Jill Smith can dramatically turn back the clock with her revolutionary Age Defying Dentalift. By using smile design techniques that change the size and width of your teeth, Dr. Smith can achieve results that diminish the appearance of wrinkles around your […]