Gold Medal Smiles

Sanya Richards-Ross

Dental care is very important no matter who you are… from the smallest grade school students to the most highly-trained athletes on the planet. That’s why Paul Warren, head of Proctor & Gamble Co., which owns the Oral-B company, is contributing dental products to a special clinic in Olympic Village, London.

The clinic is manned by volunteer dentists and dental hygienists who provide participating athletes with free services and materials to help keep their smile in shape. After all, these Olympians are traveling from all over the world and in some cases oral care is not stressed in their home countries.

In other cases, athletes are concerned about the health and look of their smile as a result of their intense dietary regimen. Some Olympians eat a lot of food to maintain ideal weight classes, build or maintain muscle and refuel after incredibly heavy activity (ever seen Michael Phelps’ meal plan?). Much of that food is full of much-needed calories, but it’s also very sugary and destructive to the enamel in their teeth. And swimmers may find their teeth are getting worn down by excessive exposure to highly-chlorinated water.

So, while some seek the Olympic Village dentists as a result of accidents during competition, the majority are using the clinic for basic, reliable decay prevention techniques and to restore their teeth to clean, healthy levels.

On that note, Dr. Jill Smith offers some special services and tips to maintain your Gold Medal Smile.

  1. Come in for regular screenings. Only trained hygienists and professionals can really get to the nooks and crannies between your teeth and remove the plaque, food deposits, cavities and other things we build up over the course of a year.
  2. Fluoride and Remineralizing Products — When you come in for your consultation or scheduled appointment, we’ll evaluate your oral health and suggest which products you should be using to supplement your brushing and flossing
  3. Advanced Tools For Fighting Tooth Decay — At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we sell powerful dental products that are much more effective than the store brand versions. We’ll point you in the right direction and set you up to strike plaque down. These include the powerful Rotadent toothbrush and Tooth and Gums Tonic by the Dental Herb Company. Dr. Smith uses these two items for her own hygiene — that’s how well they work!
  4. If you need More Advanced Dental Work Dr. Smith is part of an extensive network of dental physicians and will easily and happily recommend you to a very skilled specialist.
  5. Touch Up Your Smile – Once your smile is healthy again, light up the lives of others by flashing it to show your friendly demeanor. But before you do, brighten up your teeth with our Britesmile service , which can give you a dazzling smile in a single appointment!


Pretty soon, you’ll be grinning like Sanya Richards-Ross — minus the Olympic gold, of course!


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