We are off on our Haiti adventure!

Traveling with 5 women into family we are on a mission trip to an orphanage with over 600 children. After months of planning today has finally arrived…. and I am both nervous and excited but can not wait to meet the children finally.

A special thanks to everyone who has wished us well and sent donations for the children in Haiti at the Pwoje Espwa. With the fund raising help of our family -my daughter, sister-in-law and neices we leave for Haiti tomorrow with $5000 in donations, 6 large duffle bags full of supplies -600 toothbrushes, 300 tubes of tooth paste, 105 tote bags, 35 pairs of sneakers donated by New Balance, toys, art supplies, literally hundreds of pairs of childrens underwear and clothes……and hugs and smiles from all of you to them.

Check out where we will be headed to www.freethekids.org
Thank you again, keep us in your thoughts!

Bon Voyage!
Dr. Jill Smith

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