Is Your Smile on the Move?

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Do you feel your smile is changing over time? They say the only thing in life that is permanent is change. We’re inclined to agree, especially when it comes to dentistry. From the moment we’re born, our smiles are constantly in flux — growing teeth, aligning teeth, losing teeth, misaligned teeth. It’s the cause of wonder and of woes, certainly. Ever wonder why our teeth are always getting so bent out of shape and what can be done to correct it? Dental Health and Wellness has the answers.

Genetics, of course, can be a major factor. You can actually inherit your tooth shape! Tracing back either one or several generations, if it’s in your genes to have small or misshapen or crooked teeth, then that will probably be your eventual (not-permanent) fate.

On that biological note, age is another factor. New York-based cosmetic dentist Steven E. Roth, DMD, says that the distance between our upper and lower teeth can wear or erode away as we get older. And, because the lower teeth are inherently thinner, they wear out faster. This is called vertical bite collapse, and once they wear out, they can’t put up with the pressure of our upper teeth when eating or biting and so the teeth shift.

Believe it or not, tooth loss can lead to shifting teeth! As if the missing teeth weren’t bad enough, if bottom teeth are missing, the tooth above will begin to grow downward — nothing is stopping it from doing so or pushing it back into its place.

Lastly teeth grinding, whether during the daytime or at night (known as nocturnal bruxism), can be a culprit to changes in your smile as well.  Grinding the hard surfaces of enamel together can wear down and chip your teeth. Your teeth may appear shorter or angled.  Another effect of teeth grinding is actual changes in the position of the teeth.  This grinding action juts the lower teeth forward and can loosen your upper teeth over time. Eventually, these stresses can allow the teeth to move or drift to a different position and dramatically change your smile.

Now that you know the causes of shifting teeth, Dr. Jill Smith and her professional staff at Dental Health and Wellness Boston can help you with the effects.

Six Month Smiles — we gently straighten and align teeth over time (just six months on average). Let Dental Health and Wellness Boston help you take the first step towards improving your smile, your confidence and your life.

Invisalign — Using advanced 3D technology we can straighten your smile with clear braces. You’ll receive Invisalign aligners that are removable and virtually invisible. Gradually, they will move your teeth back into place. And since they can easily be taken out, you can eat, brush and floss like you normally would. No one will know you are wearing them, but they will certainly notice your newbeautiful smile!

Restoration Dentistry – Restoring damaged teeth and replacing missing teeth is very important. At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we choose the best dental restoration solution for you. For worn teeth we offer veneers and porcelain crowns to strengthen and beautify your smile. To replace missing teeth the dental options include dental implants, bridges, dentures and partial dentures.


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