Dentalift: Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

Youthful Smiles

Like it or not, smiles change with age. Our once youthful, glossy smiles take years of abuse from staining drinks and abrasive foods. Teeth shift and wear down until we don’t even recognize the face in the mirror. The bad news is that the age of your smile greatly influences the overall appearance of your face. The good news is that the trained professionals at Dental Health and Wellness Boston not only can fix these problems, they can give you a smile that transforms the way your entire face looks and feels.

In fact, Dr. Jill Smith and her team are the only dentistry practice in Boston that offers the age-defying Dentalift, a range of dental services that are customized to give your face a younger, fuller look – without the invasiveness of cosmetic surgery or BOTOX injections. Porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, and cosmetic orthodontics (including Invisalign) are utilized to rejuvenate your appearance.

Still not convinced that cosmetic dentistry can help reduce signs of aging? Here are a few common aging issues, and how we address them:

Loose skin/lips covering teeth

Lengthening the teeth will rejuvenate the face in several ways and more teeth will be displayed when you smile and often the increased vertical dimensions offer a slimming effect on rounded facial shapes.

Gaunt, thinning cheeks

Broadening the smile by expanding the teeth in the premolar and molar region imparts more fullness to the cheeks and eliminates the dark corners when you smile.

Marionette Lines

Opening the bite corrects the over closure that can occur with tooth wear and will fill the marionette lines from the corners of your lips to your chin.

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we believe that oral health and full body wellness are intertwined. By increasing the health of your teeth and gums through Dentalift and other DHWB services, we are setting you up for a healthier future, from the inside out. Schedule your free consultation today and Dr. Jill Smith will create a personalized plan to restore the smile of your youth!

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