Allure Says: Smiles Are in Style

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, Dr. Jill Smith wants to bring out the best in you and your smile. For guys that may be even more important than you think. Recently, a national poll was conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation’s “National Smile Month” campaign. The results were clear: a healthy, vibrant smile was indicated by 56% of the respondents as an important physical feature in a potential mate. Of course, the real winner by a mile was “personality” (90%) as the key (non-physical) feature.

On our side of the pond, Allure Magazine conducted a beauty survey as well for its 20th anniversary issue. Similar results were noted, and a significant amount of women stated that a man’s smile and face are more important than any other physical features. So, fellas, don’t you think you should emphasize your best, most appealing assets? Sexy smiles are in!

We can help with that. Dr. Jill Smith and her team of dentists provide cosmetic dentistry for a scintillating smile. If it’s instant teeth whitening that you need, Britesmile™ is a clinically-proven whitening gel applied to the teeth for near-instantaneous results. We treat your teeth with a gel and a special blue light process. You relax for 20 minutes and wait for the procedure to finish. After three applications, you can go home flashing a sparkling grin!

If you’ve been thinking about cosmetic dentistry, we are one of the most highly respected practices in Boston. Dental contouring is a simple and fast solution for chipped teeth or uneven smiles. This procedure can be performed in just one session — in and out! After a free consultation, Dr. Smith will determine the proper procedure for the issue you want corrected.

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And if you need more extensive aligning of several teeth, we have options like Invisalign. Invisalign gives you the straightening power of braces without any of the embarrassment or conspicuous metal braces. Completely transparent, non-protruding and easily removable, these see-through braces provide excellent results for working professionals who also want the freedom to eat what they want.

These and plenty of other options are available for men who want to improve their smiles (and women, too!) If you’d like to learn more, contact us and become a new patient! Get your smile enhanced for new romance!

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