Age-Defying Dentalift: A Botox Alternative

Age Defying Dentalift - Botox Alternative

With the coming of summer, and folks flocking to the beach, many older men and women will flock to plastic surgeons for Botox procedures. The desire to look young again hits everyone at some point in their lives, but the source of a youthful appearance isn’t always immediately clear.

Many people are interested in looking younger but are cautious to use Botox because they are afraid of its long term effects.  The injections last for approximately six months and then repeat injections are needed to retain the youthful wrinkle-free look. There have been some articles written about Botox highlighting possible negative side effects, and this bad press has left many people wondering about this elective procedure.

According to, Botox is a neurotoxin that is made from botulinum toxin A, the same family of poisons as botulism, a common cause of fatal food poisoning. Allergic reactions have been known to take place after injections of Botox. The poison could possibly spread outside of the point of injection and in rare instances cause vision problems, drainage or crusting from the eyes, acute pain in the arms or shoulders and seizure.This seems like a lot of risk for getting rid of wrinkles.

Dr. Jill Smith understands that looking young is an important part of feeling young during this season, and Dental Health and Wellness Boston has a safer, longer lasting, less invasive solution to the aging problem. What can a cosmetic dentist offer those looking for the fountain of youth?

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, Dr. Smith offers customized Smile Rejuvenations that are revolutionizing Boston’s pursuit of youth, beauty, and self-esteem. This package of services is called Age-Defying Dentalift.

By using smile design techniques that change the size and width of your teeth, Dr. Smith can achieve results that diminish the appearance of wrinkles around your mouth, plump up your lips, and brighten and perfect your smile without surgery. Porcelain veneers, cosmetic orthodontics and all ceramic crowns are utilized to transform the architecture of the facial features and smile.

When it comes to anti-aging, don’t take unnecessary risks. Become a new patient today and Dr. Smith will create a new smile and younger appearance that fits you perfectly!


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