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Lip Service by Marianne LaFrance
Recently featured in the August issue of O Magazine, I am sure this book is off to the best sellers list. Lip Service is a fascinating new nonfiction book written by Marianne LaFrance, an expert on the influence a smile can have. Drawing on research she conducted at Yale and Boston College in the fields of psychology, anthropology, biology, medicine and computer science, LaFrance has revealed the mysteries behind this powerful human expression that permeates all cultures. As a Boston dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, I experience firsthand on a daily basis how life-changing a great smile can be.

Interesting facts from Lip Service:
1) People with broad smiles live years longer.
2) Subliminal images of smiles create positive emotions in the people who view them.
3) There are different nerves responsible for real smiles vs. fake smiles and a clue to detecting fake smiles are in the muscles of the eyes.
4) Cultural differences exist in interpreting facial expressions: the Japanese focus on the eyes, the United States focuses on the mouth. Even the text symbol from Japan for happy doesn’t include a mouth: (^-^).

A beautiful, confident smile can influence a person’s life, advancing your career, prompting a romance or simply brightening someone’s day. If you have been thinking about improving your smile, I urge you to schedule a complimentary consultation at Dental Health and Wellness Boston. You will be glad you did.

– Dr. Jill Smith

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