Transform Your Smile For A More Youthful Appearance.

Youthful Appearance

Dr. Jill Smith, known for her exceptional cosmetic dentistry, believes a beautiful smile rejuvenates and fosters a more youthful appearance.

Is your smile aging your appearance? Do you wish you had straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile? Are your teeth hard to clean because they are crowded and overlapped?

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we have treatment options that can help you achieve better dental health, a more youthful appearance and the smile of your dreams. Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouth when they laugh, smile or talk. They feel stuck because they do not want to wear metal braces for years or they are concerned that other corrective procedures could be too invasive or too expensive.

Adult Orthodontics is one of the most rewarding, rapidly expanding facets of our dental services. Dr. Smith has advanced training and certification in adult orthodontics and can help you determine if Invisalign™ is right for you.

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