Transform Your Smile For A More Youthful Appearance.

Youthful Appearance

Dr. Jill Smith, known for her exceptional cosmetic dentistry, believes a beautiful smile rejuvenates and fosters a more youthful appearance.

Is your smile aging your appearance? Do you wish you had straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile? Are your teeth hard to clean because they are crowded and overlapped?

At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we have treatment options that can help you achieve better dental health, a more youthful appearance and the smile of your dreams. Many adults spend their entire lives covering their mouth when they laugh, smile or talk. They feel stuck because they do not want to wear metal braces for years or they are concerned that other corrective procedures could be too invasive or too expensive.

Adult Orthodontics is one of the most rewarding, rapidly expanding facets of our dental services. Dr. Smith has advanced training and certification in adult orthodontics and can help you determine if Invisalign™ is right for you.

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Share a Smile: Give A Gift to Those in Need

Dr. Jill Smith

In the spirit of giving this winter…

Do you have a charity you would like to donate to, or know an individual who could benefit from a little help this winter?  Dr. Jill Smith and the Dental Health and Wellness Boston Team would like to make it just a little bit easier.

For every new patient you refer now though January 31st Dr. Jill Smith and her team at Dental Health and Wellness Boston will donate $50 to the individual or charity of your choice.

Share the gift of a healthy smile and give a gift to someone in need.

Dr. Jill Smith, founder of Dental Health and Wellness Boston, shares, “Last spring I shared with you my daughter’s campaign to help the organization Free the Kids, and our subsequent trip to Haiti to do hands on work with some of the children that the organization helps.  It was truly a one of a kind experience and I returned home wanting to do more both abroad and locally.  It allowed me to see first hand how much charitable organizations can achieve, with help from people like you and I.

With that in mind, and in the spirit of giving this winter, and along with my team at Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we pledge that for every new patient you refer now through January 31 we will make a donation to the charity, or individual in need, of your choosing.”

Join Dental Health and Wellness Boston in making a difference.

We are off on our Haiti adventure!

Traveling with 5 women into family we are on a mission trip to an orphanage with over 600 children. After months of planning today has finally arrived…. and I am both nervous and excited but can not wait to meet the children finally.

A special thanks to everyone who has wished us well and sent donations for the children in Haiti at the Pwoje Espwa. With the fund raising help of our family -my daughter, sister-in-law and neices we leave for Haiti tomorrow with $5000 in donations, 6 large duffle bags full of supplies -600 toothbrushes, 300 tubes of tooth paste, 105 tote bags, 35 pairs of sneakers donated by New Balance, toys, art supplies, literally hundreds of pairs of childrens underwear and clothes……and hugs and smiles from all of you to them.

Check out where we will be headed to
Thank you again, keep us in your thoughts!

Bon Voyage!
Dr. Jill Smith

A note from Dr. Jill Smith about her upcoming visit to Haiti

Free the Kids Haiti- Dr. Jill Smith

For spring break this year, 5 female relatives in our family – my twelve year old daughter, nieces, sister-in-law, and myself – are going on an adventure to volunteer at a rural Haitian orphanage called Pwoje Espwa for one week. Pwoje Espwa (meaning Project Hope in Haitian Creole) is a non-profit organization, also known as Free The Kids, that houses, feeds, educates and nurtures orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.  Originally focused on boys, they have expanded and opened their doors to include girls after the terrible earthquake in the country that happened 3 years ago.

This trip is a first of a lifetime adventure for our family; much different than anything we have ever done before. We are not world travelers or wealthy philanthropists, but we would like to make a difference in a child’s life.  We feel we are so lucky in our lives and want to experience firsthand the struggles other people face and the reality of their difficult worlds. We also want to assist these children and this wonderful organization by raising money and raising awareness for this cause.

Just by taking the time to read this letter or visit their website, we will have raised awareness for the children of Haiti.

My girls are fundraising to raise money, new children’s underwear and backpacks to bring with us for the children of the orphanage.  They have set a goal of $3000; in their minds that equals $5 for each of the 600 children we will be visiting. These donations may be made through our Fundly Page or mailed to our address:

Dr. Jill Smith
Haiti Trip
Dental Health and Wellness Boston
31 State Street, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

Please make checks payable to “Free the Kids”. For more information about our cause, visit  It costs Pwoje Espwa $150 a month to provide medical care, education and clothing for each child, so they could definitely use our help.

We appreciate your help and support, and want you to keep us in your thoughts for a safe journey.  I look forward to sharing our stories and adventures with you when we return!

Bon Voyage!
Dr. Jill Smith

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Is Your Smile on the Move?

Happy Women Walking

Do you feel your smile is changing over time? They say the only thing in life that is permanent is change. We’re inclined to agree, especially when it comes to dentistry. From the moment we’re born, our smiles are constantly in flux — growing teeth, aligning teeth, losing teeth, misaligned teeth. It’s the cause of wonder and of woes, certainly. Ever wonder why our teeth are always getting so bent out of shape and what can be done to correct it? Dental Health and Wellness has the answers.

Genetics, of course, can be a major factor. You can actually inherit your tooth shape! Tracing back either one or several generations, if it’s in your genes to have small or misshapen or crooked teeth, then that will probably be your eventual (not-permanent) fate.

On that biological note, age is another factor. New York-based cosmetic dentist Steven E. Roth, DMD, says that the distance between our upper and lower teeth can wear or erode away as we get older. And, because the lower teeth are inherently thinner, they wear out faster. This is called vertical bite collapse, and once they wear out, they can’t put up with the pressure of our upper teeth when eating or biting and so the teeth shift.

Believe it or not, tooth loss can lead to shifting teeth! As if the missing teeth weren’t bad enough, if bottom teeth are missing, the tooth above will begin to grow downward — nothing is stopping it from doing so or pushing it back into its place.

Lastly teeth grinding, whether during the daytime or at night (known as nocturnal bruxism), can be a culprit to changes in your smile as well.  Grinding the hard surfaces of enamel together can wear down and chip your teeth. Your teeth may appear shorter or angled.  Another effect of teeth grinding is actual changes in the position of the teeth.  This grinding action juts the lower teeth forward and can loosen your upper teeth over time. Eventually, these stresses can allow the teeth to move or drift to a different position and dramatically change your smile.

Now that you know the causes of shifting teeth, Dr. Jill Smith and her professional staff at Dental Health and Wellness Boston can help you with the effects.

Six Month Smiles — we gently straighten and align teeth over time (just six months on average). Let Dental Health and Wellness Boston help you take the first step towards improving your smile, your confidence and your life.

Invisalign — Using advanced 3D technology we can straighten your smile with clear braces. You’ll receive Invisalign aligners that are removable and virtually invisible. Gradually, they will move your teeth back into place. And since they can easily be taken out, you can eat, brush and floss like you normally would. No one will know you are wearing them, but they will certainly notice your newbeautiful smile!

Restoration Dentistry – Restoring damaged teeth and replacing missing teeth is very important. At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we choose the best dental restoration solution for you. For worn teeth we offer veneers and porcelain crowns to strengthen and beautify your smile. To replace missing teeth the dental options include dental implants, bridges, dentures and partial dentures.


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Cross Cultural Smiles

Cross Cultural Smiles

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But they never said what language those words are in. Turns out, that smiling photo of you on your social network or in a photo album can be interpreted in very different ways, depending on your culture and country. Dr. Jill Smith and the Dental Health and Wellness crew want to share this interesting cross cultural info with you — call it a change of perspective.

The Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, UK conducted a study to see how different cultures perceive facial expressions. In the study, 15 Caucasians and 15 people of Chinese descent, all residents of Glasgow, were shown a series of computer-generated faces. The faces were altered to suggest an expression. Then, the study participants were tasked with labeling each face as happy, sad, surprised, fearful, disgusted or angry.

The labeling led to some surprises. Many of the faces were similar, but there was a dramatic difference in what those of Chinese descent saw as angry and disgusted and what the Caucasians did.

Why? Well, there’s a cultural difference at play here. The Chinese looked at the eyes of the faces to determine the emotion, while the Caucasians judged based on the mouths. This idea of eyes versus lips seems to be a common one in East Asian cultures. Eyes are considered the more expressive part of the face, so that’s where they look to figure out how someone is feeling. In Western cultures, we check the mouth first — if we’re not sure, then we look to the eyes for more insight.

This expression difference even spreads to “emoticons”, the fun smiley faces we use in emails, text messages and instant message conversations.

Here are the typical smileys you’re probably familiar with:

:–)    :–(    😉    ;-P   :-/   :-O   😀

Now here are the smileys for those same emotions, used in countries like Korea and Japan:

^_^   T_T   ^_-   XD   -_-   O_O   ^o^

You can easily see what we’re talking about! The first set is all about the lips, with the eyes the exact same shape across almost all the emoticons. The second set frequently changes up the eye size and shape, with only a few variations in the lips.

Now you know how important a healthy smile can be! Many people have smiles they’re not so proud of. They tend to hide them in photos or in public, which now could come back to bite them (not literally). Your relations with East Asian visitors might sour if your concealed grin is perceived as a grimace. And important talks with visiting businessmen could be impacted if that self-conscious grin of approval comes across as a look of total disgust!

Dr. Jill Smith knows how important teeth are to a happy healthy lifestyle. That’s why Dental Health and Wellness Boston provides several corrective and cosmetic dentistry procedures. These include:

  1. Tooth Replacement servicesDental implants, Dental Bridges and Dentures are all right up our alley! We’ll fix those gaps and cracked teeth in a jiffy and leave you with a great grin.
  2. Teeth Whitening – We offer Kor and BriteSmile whitening!
  3. Reclaim your youthful smile with Age-Defying Dentalift and regain your confidence!
  4. And, If You Need More Advanced Dental Work Dr. Jill is part of an extensive network of dental physicians and will easily and happily recommend you to a very skilled specialist.


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Quotable Quotes for Mind, Body and Soul

Smile don’t frown.
Look up, don’t look down.
Believe in yourself.
Don’t let yourself go.
Just be who you are.
And let your life flow.

Kirstie Alley

Quotable Quotes for Mind, Body and Soul

I always try to take my audience through as many emotions as I possibly can. I want them to go from laughter to tears, be shocked and surprised and walk out the door with a renewed sense of themselves – and maybe a smile.

Reba McEntire

Gold Medal Smiles

Sanya Richards-Ross

Dental care is very important no matter who you are… from the smallest grade school students to the most highly-trained athletes on the planet. That’s why Paul Warren, head of Proctor & Gamble Co., which owns the Oral-B company, is contributing dental products to a special clinic in Olympic Village, London.

The clinic is manned by volunteer dentists and dental hygienists who provide participating athletes with free services and materials to help keep their smile in shape. After all, these Olympians are traveling from all over the world and in some cases oral care is not stressed in their home countries.

In other cases, athletes are concerned about the health and look of their smile as a result of their intense dietary regimen. Some Olympians eat a lot of food to maintain ideal weight classes, build or maintain muscle and refuel after incredibly heavy activity (ever seen Michael Phelps’ meal plan?). Much of that food is full of much-needed calories, but it’s also very sugary and destructive to the enamel in their teeth. And swimmers may find their teeth are getting worn down by excessive exposure to highly-chlorinated water.

So, while some seek the Olympic Village dentists as a result of accidents during competition, the majority are using the clinic for basic, reliable decay prevention techniques and to restore their teeth to clean, healthy levels.

On that note, Dr. Jill Smith offers some special services and tips to maintain your Gold Medal Smile.

  1. Come in for regular screenings. Only trained hygienists and professionals can really get to the nooks and crannies between your teeth and remove the plaque, food deposits, cavities and other things we build up over the course of a year.
  2. Fluoride and Remineralizing Products — When you come in for your consultation or scheduled appointment, we’ll evaluate your oral health and suggest which products you should be using to supplement your brushing and flossing
  3. Advanced Tools For Fighting Tooth Decay — At Dental Health and Wellness Boston, we sell powerful dental products that are much more effective than the store brand versions. We’ll point you in the right direction and set you up to strike plaque down. These include the powerful Rotadent toothbrush and Tooth and Gums Tonic by the Dental Herb Company. Dr. Smith uses these two items for her own hygiene — that’s how well they work!
  4. If you need More Advanced Dental Work Dr. Smith is part of an extensive network of dental physicians and will easily and happily recommend you to a very skilled specialist.
  5. Touch Up Your Smile – Once your smile is healthy again, light up the lives of others by flashing it to show your friendly demeanor. But before you do, brighten up your teeth with our Britesmile service , which can give you a dazzling smile in a single appointment!


Pretty soon, you’ll be grinning like Sanya Richards-Ross — minus the Olympic gold, of course!


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Dr. Smith Impressed With Allure Mag Tips

Allure May Edition

Sometimes, you just can’t keep your teeth as clean as you want them to be. In fact, most of us are unhappy with the state of our teeth. If only they were a just little bit brighter! But easy tricks for keeping teeth white can go a long way, and Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure Magazine, recently visited The Today Show to share her great tips for keeping your teeth white without having to schedule a dentist appointment every other day. Check out some of Linda’s advice!

1. Wash It Down With Water. When sipping dark drinks, like coffee and Coca-Cola, chase it with a glass of water to help prevent discoloration. Or try drinking them through a straw, and mixing coffee with non-skim milk to brighten it up.

2. Dark Wine, Not White. Believe it or not, a glass of pinot grigio is worse for your teeth than pinot noir. White wine, the more acidic beverage of the two, is corrosive to the enamel on our teeth.

3. 50 Shades of Blue. When it comes to lipstick, blue-based red and berry shades make your teeth look whiter. And apparently, anything golden or orange will just make you look like you’ve got a mouthful of corn!

4. Vaseline On Your Teeth. Miss U.S.A. did this all the time. The taste is unpleasant, but the filmy protection will keep your teeth stain-free for a couple of hours. (This is probably for the most important occasions only, though.)

Now, these tips are great, but nothing beats a professional whitening from Dental Health and Wellness Boston.

Changes in tooth mineral structure, exposure to coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco and some prescription antibiotics can contribute to tooth staining and discoloration. If you want whiter, brighter teeth, Dental Health and Wellness Boston has a variety of tooth whitening procedures designed to restore a dazzling smile.

1. KöR “WOW White” Teeth Bleaching

As one of the first dentists in Boston offering KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™, Dr. Jill Smith is thrilled to bring this advanced procedure to Dental Health and Wellness Boston patients. Combining in-office visits and the use of at-home whitening trays, “WOW White” can make teeth over sixteen shades whiter. Best of all, with periodic home maintenance, this teeth whitening treatment is permanent!

How KöR “WOW White” Teeth Bleaching Works

There are three levels of whitening with this system, Standard, Max and Max Ultra. The process for the standard treatment will begin with your first visit to our dental office, where molds of your teeth are made to create unique, comfortable, custom whitening trays. On your second appointment, you receive your custom trays, KöR whitening gel and instructions for proper use. On your third and final visit to the office, you take part in an hour and a half in-office procedure, and you’re done! To discuss the additional steps for the super whitening of Max and Max Ultra, contact Dental Health and Wellness Boston.

2. BriteSmile™ Tooth Whitening

BriteSmile may be the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary technology is clinically proven to get your teeth their whitest. Brite Smile is one of the most popular appearance enhancement options at Dental Health and Wellness Boston because it offers maximum results and can be completed in a single office visit. Sit back and relax for an hour while a dental professional oversees our safe and gentle tooth-whitening system.

How BriteSmile Tooth Whitening Works

  1. BriteSmile whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth.
  2. The gel is then activated by BriteSmile’s patented gentle blue light for 20 minutes while you relax and watch TV or listen to music.
  3. This process is repeated twice more before you go home with a naturally brilliant new smile (and your personal “Before & After” photos).

3. An At-Home Tooth Whitening System

Get maximum whitening with an at-home tooth whitening system from Dental Health and Wellness Boston. Before prescribing a whitening treatment, the dental professional checks the health of your teeth and repairs any damage. He or she may take impressions of your teeth to make the plastic trays fit your teeth just right. You then use these trays at home with a special whitening gel that is stronger than any over-the-counter product.

How At-Home Tooth Whitening Systems Work

Simply place a small amount of the whitening gel on the front surface of the trays and place them over your teeth. You wear the trays for about two weeks. Depending on your situation, you may need to wear them for an hour a day or overnight. You should see results in just a couple of weeks.


No matter how you decide to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as they can be, you should make an appointment at Dental Health and Wellness Boston and meet Dr. Jill Smith. While pursuing excellence in dental healthcare and refining techniques and procedures for optimum patient service and satisfaction at Dental Health and Wellness Boston, Dr. Smith has continually developed her training. She has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, and has participated in hands-on medical courses alongside plastic surgeons, dermatologists and physicians to study the latest appearance enhancement techniques. She is also certified in advanced dental procedures including laser dentistry and CEREC dentistry.


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